We are announcing a new module as part of the Stuck in the Doorway Documentary and Media Project. This piece, currently titled “We Are Not Lost”, comes out of a commitment to produce short, focused stories on various aspects of our larger story. We Are Not Lost focuses on the lived experiences of child refugees and documents the immense challenges they face and the incredible resilience with which they confront the process of restarting their lives. In addition to the footage we gathered in spring and early summer of 2017, we returned to Greece in 2018 and early 2019 in collaboration with the Greek NGO Solidarity Now shot additional footage of children and young people in Thessaloniki, Greece. For this shoot our crew included Syrian refugees and an American public teacher with wide experience in the problems that children face after loss, deprival and sustained toxic stress. The piece is currently in post-production. As we begin editing we’ve produced a short trailer to give an idea of the piece.