Stuck in the Doorway


Refugees arrive on Lesvos

Spring, 2015. All photos by Zaphiris Epaminondas

Scouting for the film

Spring 2017. All photos by Zaphiris Epaminondas

Hotel City Plaza

A refugee center run cooperatively by refugees and activists in a former hotel.<?p> Photos by Michel Bolsey

School #2, Tavros, Athens, Greece.

This school is the location for a program aimed at integrating refugee children into the normal curiculum. Currently the school runs a separate program for the children after the regular school day ends, where they learn primarily Greek and English. Photos by Michel Bolsey

Thermopyles Refugee Center, Greece.

A refugee ‘accommodation’ housing over 400 people at the site of a former resort at Thermopyles hot springs. Photos by various

Hotel Rovies, Evia, Greece.

This refugee center is located in the village of Rovies on the island of Evia. As of now, it houses over a hundred refugees, but is slated for closure later this summer. Photos by Michel Bolsey

Ellinikon Airport, Athens, Greece.

Athens old airport has been abandonned for years. In 2015 refugees began squatting in the empty buildings. At its height, it had a population of several thousand. When we visited, estimates varied from 60 to 700 persons, and we never were able to determine an accurate count. We were refused entry, but spent two days interviewing residents outside the site. Photos by Michel Bolsey