Hotel Rovies

Hotel Rovies

Hotel Rovies

is located in the village of Rovies, on Evia, Greece’s second largest island. The Greek NGO SolidarityNow, with support from the UN refugee agency – UNHCR – administers Hotel Rovies as part of a wider effort to move refugees in the reunification and relocation programs out of tent camps and other temporary accommodations. SolidarityNow also hired additional staff from the local community to provide for the specific needs of the refugee residents. The owner of Hotel Rovies and the staff continue to play a leading role in the day-to-day life of its current residents, providing services, support, activities and cooperating closely with the residents in all aspects of their daily lives. Other NGOs provide specialized services, such as medical and legal support, on a regular basis. The residents themselves engage in a range of activities, including language classes for the children,  outreach to the larger community, cooking and so on.

We visited Hotel Rovies between May 23rd and May 27th. We lived in an annex to the main hotel, conveniently located right on the beach, which we were unfortunately too busy to make use of. Our days were spent at the hotel, meeting and interviewing the residents and competing with the children for internet access.

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Evia is Greece’s second largest island, after Crete. Because it lies just east of the Greek mainland, many people don’t even realize that it’s an island. After filming in Thermopyles, our next destination was Hotel Rovies, on Evia. We left Athens in the afternoon,...