We prepped today for our first day of shooting tomorrow, which will be in Athens. We met with Katerina Poutou, a woman who founded the NGO Arsis that does excellent work with refugees and has a passionate and very capable young staff. We hope to film some of their projects http://www.arsis.gr. Once you arrive on the page, click for an English version of their site.

After that, we went to the remarkable City Plaza hotel in downtown Athens. This hotel had been abandoned and then squatted in. A team of young activists cleaned it up and has opened it as a sort of communal urban living space. The refugees run it together with volunteers from across the world. Very inspiring. There were lots of families and children interacting. We will shoot there in a few weeks. Stay tuned. Their site, http://www.solidarity2refugees.gr , does have some English on it and there are lots of news stories about it.


Strollers in the lobby of the hotel.

To learn more about Hotel City Plaza, choose it from Trajectory at the top of this page.

We are very excited to start shooting tomorrow.