Links & Sources

This is a very preliminary list of relevant sources. Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding many more as we assemble them from our scattered notes, emails, texts and bookmarks.

Greek Government

UNHCR (UN High Commission for Refugees – Refugee sites in Greece: A downloadable map showing refugee sites throughout the country as of May, 2017.

UNHCR – General listing of Greece resources. This page lists numerous reports and other resources pertaining to refugees in Greece.

UNHCR .  A short video about the notorious Idomeni encampment and the relocation effort.

UNHCR. Data sheets on Greece and the Mediterannean area.

UNHCR. Data sheets on Greece and the Mediterannean area.

UNHCR. Data sheets on Greece and the Mediterannean area.

IOM – International Organization for Migration. Another UN agency working with refugee issues.

UNICEF. A somewhat dated informational graphic on refugee children in Greece.

UNICEF. Graphic on refugee numbers in Greece. 12/2016.


Europe and European Union

EU. Report on refugee and relocation policies and status, as of February,2017.

ENOC (European network of ombudsmen). Report on child refugees and the dangers they face.

Independent Children's Rights Institutions

Ο Συνήγορος για τα παιδιά που μετακινούνται. The Greek Ombudsman for Children’s Rights. In Greek.

International NGOs

Mercy Corps. A US-based NGO providing a wide variety of services worldwide.

Happy Caravan. A Dutch organization bringing education services to the refugees.

Greek NGOs and Civil Society

ARSIS/Association for the Social Support of Youth. Working throughout the country with refugee and immigrant youth.

Solidarity Now. This Soros-supported NGO works in support of numerous Greek civil society organizations. This link is to a page describing its Athens center.

Solidarity to Refugees. The group’s website, in both Greek and English.

Solidarity to Refugees. The organizers respond to the lawsuit over Hotel City Plaza.


New York Times. An article on refugee life in Greece.

New York Times. Integration into a new life.

BBC. A page with several videos on refugee life in Greece.

Evias News. This page is in Greek, but if you scroll down you’ll find a video clip in English about Hotel Rovies, one of the sites we will be visiting this week.

Protagon. An article about the Hotel Rovies refugee center.

Our Project

Bill Megalos/MegaloMedia. For more info on Bill’s work.

Zaphiris Epaminondas.